What are the best self publishing companies in 2024

Self Publishing Companies

The best self publishing companies provide a unique opportunity for creative freedom that may not be found in other outlets. You’ve invested much effort and attention in your work, from proofreading to designing the cover and formatting. You find yourself at a crossroads due to the significant challenges of traditional publishing.

But currently, digital media has given rise to self-publishing platforms. They are providing writers with a great opportunity to build their professional careers. Now it is time for the author to empower themselves by taking help from a list of self-publishing companies available, which we’ll reveal in our blog.

Editing, formatting, design, marketing, and all the distinctions in between can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Be assured that many thriving self-published companies are available to help you. Editorial expertise, eye-catching cover designs, and strategic marketing are just a few of the services provided by these organizations. At last, you can retain most of the funds and maintain complete authority over your book. It’s similar to having a literary guardian angel, with significantly increased royalties.

Going through the numerous options for self-publishing websites can be tough and stressful. How can you ensure you choose from the best publishing companies for new authors? We have set up our anchor at this location. We embarked on our journey after carefully examining the ways to find the top self-publishing companies and are delighted to provide you with their names here. Whether you enjoy reading frequently, are on a budget, or like the experience of holding a book, we have the ideal choice for you.

How do Self Publishing Platforms Work?

For writers, self-publishing businesses are like trusted companions that help bring their stories to life. Imagine this: you’ve crafted a brilliant work, but figuring out how to share it with the world is a puzzle. Businesses such as these meet that demand! For writers who opt for self-publishing, they offer assistance. Aside from editing and designing an attractive cover for your book, these friends can also assist you in promoting your story. Like a coach guiding a team, they offer writers the support and motivation to share their stories with the world.

Exploring Information on Self-Publishing Enterprises

Writers can discover all the necessary resources to turn their manuscript into a completed book at the best self publishing companies. They handle the technical aspects, such as editing and formatting, while also incorporating design elements and graphics to enhance the appearance of your book and boost its online sales potential.

Independent self-publishing companies are a great alternative to traditional publishing houses when funds are limited. They provide cost-effective rates for their services. You have the final say in making decisions! You have complete control over the format, release date, and accessibility of your book, and you can make edits at any time.

Usually, you can anticipate earning around 70–80% of the book’s retail price. And consequently, you can pursue a career as a writer and keep a larger portion of your income!

Exploring the Best Self Publishing Platforms

Here is a list of self-publishing companies that offer services to assist in selling your book. Authors can now independently utilize these technologies to oversee their book projects from start to finish without requiring a formal team. Selling books online has become more convenient with new features such as digital page layouts and on-demand printing. Authors are drawn to the unmatched flexibility of self-publishing for both publication and marketing. Next, we will explore some important examples of the services that make top publishing companies appealing to new authors.

1. A Combiner

After acquiring it, they will share your book with other online bookstores like Apple Books and Google Play Books. It’s a simple method to expand the reach of your book on a global scale without any additional effort.

2. Retailers

These are the renowned bookstores where individuals purchase books. These stores feature a variety of options, such as Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Amazon. They will manage the sales and payment process once you upload your book to their sites. Some companies provide specialized programs like Amazon’s KDP Select to enhance your reader’s visibility.

3. Publication for the Educational Sector

The best self publishing company offers a wide range of instructional resources, such as courses and coaching, to assist you in mastering the publishing industry’s intricacies. Instead of enrolling in a general college course, you receive specific, practical advice on marketing and selling your book.

4. Author Service

Some of the specialized services provided by these companies include ghostwriting, cover design, and editing. They are the often-overlooked individuals who enhance your book before it’s ready for publication.

5. Promoting Your Personal Brand

One benefit of self-publishing is the chance it provides authors for self-promotion. These companies can handle the more challenging tasks, allowing you to concentrate on promoting your book. They offer writers a range of resources to effectively market their books. Writers can utilize these resources to connect with new clients, expand their audience, and position themselves as authorities in their field. By taking this approach, they can significantly boost their overall book sales.

Top Choices for Your Venture into Self-Publishing

It’s time to finally publish your book. Sure thing! The challenge lies in the abundance of options to broadcast it. So many options are available, ranging from Amazon’s extensive platform to smaller, specialized publishers.

May I proceed with publishing? That’s no longer the primary concern. Which self-publishing companies are considered the top choices? That is the real issue. What a delightful trouble to be in! Using an aggregator allows you to expand your reach globally or target Amazon’s extensive customer base, with the only boundaries being your desires and creativity.

Wait a moment before you commit to any agreements! Hold on for a moment; complete your assignment. It’s not accurate to make broad statements about publishing houses. Grand claims from specific individuals could end up costing you money. Kindly proceed with reading to ensure your publishing aspirations don’t become a source of distress.

Discovering the Perfect Self-Publishing Companies:

A Comprehensive Guide:

Considering the plethora of options at your disposal for publishing, how do you select the most suitable publisher? Relax; we’re here to assist you! For your convenience, we have simplified the process of identifying self-publishing experts into six key areas.

Top Sales Performers:

Discover self-publishing companies with strong sales abilities for successful book promotion. When their sales figures are impressive, you can rely on them to effectively promote your book.

Factor of Trust:

Confirm the authenticity of the company. One way to confirm their suggestion is by checking with respected organizations like the Alliance of Independent Authors. Avoid purchasing from publishers with a questionable reputation.

Friendly to Writers:

You are looking for a business that is easy to collaborate with. Look for author testimonials that praise the company’s communication and service.

Great Resources:

If you’re interested in publishing your book, the leading companies will offer you plenty of resources. Whatever you require to excel, they offer it, whether it’s complimentary resources or top-notch services.

Carefree with Money:

Don’t allow publishing to weaken your finances. If you wish to publish without incurring debt, opt for a provider with affordable prices.

Impressive Following:

A substantial amount of subscribers or email addresses signifies a strong following. It suggests that the company has a group of people intrigued by its offerings.

Best Self-Publishing Companies for New Authors

a. Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP boasts the largest network of customers, making it the ideal platform to connect with potential fans when publishing your book. Amazon Kindle Direct Publish is a prominent platform that dominates 80% of the ebook market. Moreover, it is a renowned brand that provides writers with many options.

Do you realize the potential of this platform to connect with a vast audience for your book? Each day, Amazon is accessed by millions of users. It also makes it easier for authors to publish and sell their books right after uploading. You can make changes to the cover, content, and pricing.

b) Barnes & Noble

Writers aiming for a broad readership might want to explore Amazon and Barnes & Noble as potential options. With an extensive distribution network, this bookstore is a prominent player in the United States. Utilizing them as a self-publisher for your business book provides a wide range of distribution options for your book.

Feel free to set the price of your book on this platform, which also provides marketing tools and offers appealing royalties. Collaborating with Barnes & Noble also provides the advantage of tapping into their skilled editing team.

c) Kobo

d) Apple Books

Self-publishing through Apple Books is becoming increasingly popular and valuable for authors. Being able to select the pricing, distribution, release date, and target demographics of their creative work makes them feel more connected to its success. We bypass the conventional publishing process and proceed with this.

Contemporary sales data and details on reader engagement are easily accessible to self-published book authors. In this manner, individuals can effectively promote their content and promptly track the performance of their books in various countries. Thanks to these advantages, Apple Books stands out as one of the top choices for authors looking to self-publish.

e) Publish Drive

Every writer’s ultimate goal is achieved when they write and publish their own book; it represents strong independent storytelling. When they release their books using the platform, writers can take advantage of Publish Drive’s unique offerings, such as book conversion services, cover design, distribution, and real-time sales data. Writers can customize their store page to showcase their work. Publish Drive consistently introduces new storage options and services to keep writers informed about the latest technology.

f) Reedsy

f) Reedsy

An excellent choice for sharing your work is to self-publish it on Reedsy. It connects writers with experienced individuals in the publishing industry who can help them go through the world of self-publishing effortlessly. Your marketing materials, such as cover designs and attention-grabbing advertising strategies, will be top-notch with their help. Reedsy also boasts a community of more than 100,000 reviewers and readers available to assist with reviewing your book.

g) StreetLib

For writers with a story to share, self-publishing on Streetlib is a great way to reach a wide audience. You can self-publish your book without any cost or risk, handling everything from developing a marketing plan to selling it on different online platforms. As an independent author, you can access Streetlib’s wide range of resources, including free cover design, pre-made templates for popular genres, distribution across all major platforms, analytics to monitor your sales and reader engagement, and more.

h) Ingram Spark

For beginners in the writing world, self-publishing books with Ingram Spark is incredibly easy! It provides writers with a comprehensive marketing solution that includes editing and distribution. Moreover, Ingram Spark offers cost-effective services with transparent, upfront pricing. By utilizing their assistance, you can access over 39,000 ebook stores, broadening your reach. Ingram Spark is the place to be if you want to increase your visibility as an ebook author.

i) LuLu

Lulu is the ideal platform for writers seeking an audience for their work. Writers can effortlessly share their creations on well-known platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple using Lulu’s user-friendly platform. Having each book printed by professionals ensures that your readers receive the best quality version of your work. When you hire a publishing firm, you can save money on editing and cover art expenses. Lulu is the best option for getting your book out there, from submitting files to setting pricing to preparing for distribution.

j) Draft2Digital

If you are an author working on a book, consider self-publishing with draft2digital. By working independently, you can oversee every aspect of the process, from generating ideas to publishing, leading to quick sales and career growth. Transferring your work from any device is simpler, with affordable prices, a reliable distribution system, accurate royalty calculations, and easy-to-use formatting tools.

k) XinXii

XinXii can assist in promoting your book to a broad audience. Discover a vast pool of potential buyers on XinXii, increasing the visibility of your story. Readers have the opportunity to preview your book before making a purchase. By self-publishing your book and utilizing XinXii’s numerous features, you are positioning yourself for success.

l) Smashwords

Thanks to Smashwords, numerous authors have successfully published their works since the platform was established in 2008. The strategy is flawless, and the outcomes are exceptional due to their varied team of experts. Ensuring customer satisfaction is the top priority for the professionals. They excel in publishing strategies and can help boost your sales and ROI. It is not surprising that they are included on this list.

m) Blurb

Blurb stands out as one of the top choices for a reliable print-on-demand service. If you begin to notice exponential growth once you start working with them, that’s to be expected. Blurb is a brand I fully support, whether you’re a seasoned writer or a newcomer looking to make an impact. They always develop new ways to ensure your books thrive online, even when you are struggling to find the right words. They excel at their work, making hiring them feel like a wish come true.

n) BookBaby

If you’re looking for top-notch self-publishing services, BookBaby is the platform for you. Their top priority is to build friendly relationships with their customers. BookBaby offers comprehensive solutions, including ebook conversion, cover design, distribution, and printing, all designed to be easy for customers to use. They provide a variety of services for writers at all levels, equipping you with the tools and expertise to make your manuscript stand out.

o) CreateSpace

Self-publishing has become more convenient thanks to CreateSpace and its connection with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It provides authors with print-on-demand services, simplifying the process of publishing their work. It also equips authors with tools to assist them in self-publishing and provides extensive distribution channels.

p) NotionPress

NotionPress offers authors various services to assist in publishing their writings through its dynamic self-publishing platform. Their customized publishing packages offer editing assistance, cover design, and global distribution. Created with authors in mind, NotionPress offers detailed publishing support to bring authors’ ideas to fruition.

q) iUniverse

iUniverse is a well-known self-publishing company offering writers various services, including editing help, promotional tools, and customizable publishing packages. Authors can maintain their creative freedom while benefiting from professional advice and insights from iUniverse’s industry experts due to the organization’s flexible options and emphasis on author participation.

r) Simon & Schuster

An esteemed traditional publishing company, Simon & Schuster has a long-standing history. Even though they began as a traditional publisher, they have expanded to assist writers with hybrid and alternative publications. One of the standout features of their specialty programs is the seasoned editorial guidance they offer, enabling authors to delve into various publishing possibilities.

s) BookBub

BookBub is a robust platform that suggests and selects ebook deals to give authors exposure to a wide audience. Expanding your reach and increasing your earnings as an author can be achieved through utilizing BookBub’s featured discounts and promotional tools. It will make you noticeable in the competitive ebook market.

t) AuthorHouse

AuthorHouse is a reputable self-publishing company that offers authors a range of publishing services, including editing, design, and international distribution channels. AuthorHouse focuses on empowering authors by providing them with the tools to self-publish their work and share their stories with the world.

u) Ingram Content Group

In the realm of self-publishing, Ingram Content Group stands out above the rest. They offer a diverse selection of writers of all experience levels. The platform provides many features, including digital asset management, marketing assistance, print-on-demand services, worldwide distribution, and more. Ingram Content Group supports writers by offering the necessary resources to navigate the publishing market smoothly, ultimately empowering authors.

v) Barnes & Noble Press

When writers publish their own work through Barnes & Noble Press, they gain access to a versatile platform. Writers have the ability to book publishing online in both digital and print formats using a wide range of tools. Everything is easily accessible, including tools, improved cover design aesthetics, and distribution methods. By collaborating with the well-known Barnes & Noble brand, this platform offers authors various distribution options to reach a wide audience.

w) MindStir

Known for its personalized and author-centric approach, MindStir is also among the best self publishing companies. They have affordable and custom publishing packages that go from editing to the final distribution of the book. MindStir is focused on the author’s satisfaction and is aware of every step in the publishing journey. They offer full support and ensure that the book is according to the author’s vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define self publishing companies?

It is basically about helping author publish their book. They help them with the entire process of publishing a book and they do this by providing editing, formatting, distribution and other services related to a book’s self-publishing.

How are traditional publishing companies different from them?

The writers will have the right to keep most of their earnings and maintain control over their creative work when working with the best self publishing company. Additionally, the authors provide financial support for the entire publishing process, which is not true with traditional publishers.

Can I know about the services that a self-publishing agency offers?

Self publishing companies offer editing, book formatting, and cover design services. Along with that, they also provide assistance with printing, ebook conversion, book marketing and distribution.

How can I choose the right self publishing platforms?

Considering the contract terms, author control, services provided, pricing, royalties, and distribution channels is important. Explore multiple companies to find the perfect match.

Is marketing managed by self-publishing authors?

Many companies offer marketing services, including online promotion, book launch strategies, metadata optimization, and access to advertising platforms.

Will publishing companies keep the rights to my book?

Writers can retain ownership of their works with reputable organizations. Confirm contractual agreements to retain control of your content.

Do self-publishing companies offer print-on-demand (POD) services?

Through print-on-demand, books are created when an order is placed. In order to minimize the upfront costs of printing, several self-publishing companies offer this service.

At what point does the process of self-publishing a book usually begin?

The whole process usually takes several months and involves editing, design, formatting, printing, and distribution.

What are the costs associated with services provided for self-publishing?

Costs may vary depending on the services needed, the book’s length, the design’s complexity, and the distribution methods.

What benefits come with using a self-publishing company?

Benefits involve faster publishing, more creative freedom, and reaching a global audience without traditional approval processes.

Reasons To Hire a Self-Publishing Expert

Still not persuaded? Allow me to elaborate in writing on the benefits of having a self-publication expert to assist you. Experts in self-publishing offer many valuable benefits to aspiring writers as they try to get into self-publishing. Here are some strong reasons to hire a self-publication expert:

Expert Advice: They should be great at self-publishing and must have a lot of experience and knowledge about the entire process. They support authors throughout the publishing process by guiding editing, formatting, cover design, distribution, and marketing strategies.

Premium Quality: The self-publishers should ensure that the work is according to the industry’s best practices. Their contribution guarantees that the manuscript meets industry presentation and content quality standards.

Personalized Support: Each writer’s journey is unique. Most successful self published companies provide solutions and advice based on the particular aims, writing styles, and the target audience to build the readership for the book.

Time and Effort: Self-publishing demands a significant commitment of time and effort. The experts in the field organize the publishing process and liberate the authors from all these managerial tasks. This helps authors focus on their writing only, while ensuring everything at the back.

Exploring Publishing Platforms: Moving through various publishing platforms can feel overwhelming. Skilled self-publishing experts are well-versed in platforms like IngramSpark or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), helping authors choose the best platform for their books.

Marketing Strategies: Effective promotion is essential for ensuring a book’s success. These experts from self-publishing companies offer marketing strategies such as social media campaigns and book launches to boost engagement and visibility among the target audience.

Budget Management: Managing your budget is really important when self-publishing, as there are various expenses to consider, such as cover design, marketing, and editing. Experts guide how to best allocate funds, helping authors make the most of their spending.

Continual Support: Their assistance extends beyond the publication phase. Assisting authors with post-publication challenges, such as expanding readership and sustaining sales momentum, is part of the ongoing support provided by self-publication specialists.

Industry Insights: Staying updated on industry developments and trends is crucial. Professionals in self-publishing help authors stay informed about market trends so they can adapt their strategies as needed.

Therefore, hiring self publishing companies can be really vital in enhancing the publishing journey of author by providing professional guidance, support and the expertise required in the self-publishing world.

Reasons To Avoid Using Self Publishing Platforms

Deciding whether to hire a self-publication expert depends on the author’s specific circumstances, goals, skills, and preferences. While experts can offer valuable advice and assistance, some writers may find fulfillment in managing the entire publishing process independently.

Cost: Services provided by self-publication experts often have a fee that can vary greatly. Writers facing financial limitations may struggle to hire a professional, especially if they feel confident handling the publishing process independently.

DIY Interest: Writers who love publishing and enjoy learning new skills might find it fulfilling to manage the entire process themselves. They could see it as a personal accomplishment or a chance to learn.

Unique Perspective: Authors may have a specific vision for their book and aim to bring it to life exactly as they imagine it without seeking external advice or feedback. They may worry that hiring specialists could change or weaken their original idea.

Prior Experience: Experienced authors in self-publishing or with specialized knowledge in various fields such as editing, graphic design, or marketing are eligible for this category. They may then feel confident handling the publishing process independently, without requiring outside help.

Costs for Hiring a Self-Publishing Expert

In 2024, the price for hiring a self-publication expert can vary depending on the book’s genre and length, the level of services required, and the chosen publishing platform. According to certain online sources, the average cost of self-publishing a book in 2024 is projected to range from $500 to $5000.


It’s beneficial to seek advice from an expert in a specific field. When faced with uncertainty or potential obstacles in self-publication, one should turn to experienced professionals who excel in the field for guidance. Drawing from the experience, skills, and perspectives of someone who has been through the difficult path of self-publishing is incredibly valuable. Their support can make the publishing journey smoother by shedding light on overlooked areas, simplifying procedures, and offering priceless insights. Utilizing professionals’ extensive knowledge can improve the final outcome and the author’s comprehension of the publishing industry.

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